Friday, November 17th, 2017

AG ads on the TV


Seth Zlotocha takes a look at the first two AG ads on television, Kathleen Falk and JB Van Hollen.

Falk is a little better off in the recognition department (33%), which possibly allows her to focus less on herself and dive right into the issues in her campaign’s opening ad.

But what also jumps out at me as being a difference between the two is that Falk personally and directly addresses the audience in her ad, while Van Hollen relies on a voiceover throughout his ad.

Here is Falk’s ad, and here is JB Van Hollen’s ad.

Surprisingly, Falk’s ad doesn’t have her standing outside the prison at Waupun saying, “Mr. Warden, tear down this wall!”

Meanwhile, State Representative Mark Pocan (D-Planet Madison) predicts Van Hollen, Falk and State Senator Jeff Plale the likely winners on September 12th.

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