Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Alioto has shoplifting in his history


As you may have heard in the 5:00 PM hour of Thursday’s Mark Belling Show on WISN-AM, one of the candidates for sheriff in Waukesha County, Gaetano “Tom” Alioto, was arrested for shoplifting in 1988. I understand that the story will also appear in Friday’s Waukesha Freeman.

I also heard the story from multiple sources but didn’t start seriously looking into it until Thursday morning when I filed an open records request with the Waukesha Police Department. Turns out I was not the only one looking into it.

I do think it’s an issue, albeit a much lesser issue than Alioto’s opposition to communities saving money by contracting with the County Sheriffs Department for their police services. I also think the issues surrounding his service in Lisbon are also more relevant. Both issues were discussed in my column for the Waukesha Freeman.

As much as Belling wavered on the importance on the story, I won’t be surprised if this finishes Alioto’s campaign. What I cannot understand is how he thought this would not come up as an issue in the campaign.

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