Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

An additional thought on the Isthmus’ attempted “outing” of Herb Kohl


I already discussed just how much the Isthmus really sunk to a new low ethically in publishing rumors about Senator Herb Kohl’s supposed homosexuality despite his prior denials that he is gay. But for a moment consider if it had been a conservative that had engaged in the rumor-spreading online about Kohl and used the language Jack Craver used.

Could you imagine if Dave Blaska reported in the Isthmus  that Kohl is known as “the Dairy Queen?” How quickly would Madison liberals have demanded Blaska’s firing? What if Vicki McKenna said on the air Kohl had to convince voters that he was representing Wisconsin and not Gomorrah in the Senate?

I guess we can give Craver some credit that he didn’t use Sodom instead of Gomorrah as Kohl’s hypothetical constituency, but that’s a pretty low standard for showing restraint.

How much outrage would there be? Would the newspaper offices be picketed? Would there be boycotts? Threats of violence?

So far the Isthmus editors have not shown any remorse in allowing Craver’s mucking around in the gutter to be published. Having standards is for other publications while the Isthmus plumbs the depths of “journalism.”

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