Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

An Open Letter to National Conservative Groups from Wisconsin’s Conservative Bloggers


Note: After some compromises and collaboration, and probably a few curse words every time I made a few revisions, a number of Wisconsin bloggers have issued the statement below on former Congressman Mark Neumann’s candidacy for the United States Senate. Since it was originally sent out, Aaron Rodriguez has also added his name to the list. More are welcome.


To: Chris Chocola, Club for Growth

The Honorable Jim DeMint, junior Senator from the Great State of South Carolina


It is with great disappointment that we have learned of the efforts of some conservatives on the national level to try to dictate to Wisconsin conservatives their choice for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Senator Herb Kohl. This is a tremendous opportunity for Wisconsinites to elect a second conservative senator worthy of holding the office, and one that Wisconsin conservatives will take very seriously. This is not only a choice of ideology but of character, and it is our responsibility to bring Mark Neumann’s lack of character to your attention.

While we do not question Neumann’s past contributions to conservatism while he was a Congressman, his actions during last year’s campaign are completely unbecoming of a conservative candidate.

We respectfully request the national conservative groups and individuals to take a second look at their endorsement of Neumann. We ask that since many of them missed the opportunity to come to Wisconsin during the recent battles over collective bargaining for state employees and the recall elections, they come to Wisconsin now to talk to true Wisconsin conservatives to find out what they think of Neumann before attempting to foist their choice upon Wisconsin.

We do not write this under direction or duress from any candidate, potential candidate, or candidate’s campaign. We write this under the knowledge that as the primary for United State Senate commences in earnest, we will likely go our separate ways and support any number of candidates. That is our right as Americans.

If the past election in Wisconsin has shown national conservatives anything, it is to trust in the faith of Badger State conservative activists. We had the foresight to supply the movement with current leaders and rock stars like Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan, Ashland Congressman Sean Duffy, Green Bay Congressman Reid Ribble, Governor Scott Walker, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, and even Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

That is just in the past two years, and we assure you, there are plenty more where they came from.

Thank you,


Owen Robinson

Blogger, Boots and Sabers, since 2003

West Bend, WI


Kevin Binversie

Blogger, Lakeshore Laments, since 2003

St. Francis, WI



James Wigderson,

Blogger, Wigderson Library & Pub, since 2005

Waukesha, WI


Steve Eggleston

Blogger, No Runny Eggs, since 2005

Oak Creek, WI


Patrick Dorwin

Blogger, Badger Blogger, since 2004

Milwaukee, WI


Tim Gray

Blogger, UseYourGrayMatter.com, since 2010

La Crosse, WI


Ben Froland

Blogger, BenFroland.com, since 2009

Neenah, WI


Aaron Rodriguez

Blogger, Hispanic Conservative, since 2008

Franklin, WI


Kyle Maichle

North Shore Exponent, since 2008

Milwaukee, WI


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