Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Annoying do-gooders


I admit it. I left the gas station without putting the cap back on. I am sorry. It will never happy again. I have learned my lesson. I will be a responsible member of society. I will conform to every edict of do-gooderism out there. I will even turn down my car stereo just so I can hear you honk your horn at me and then I will watch you wave frantically like my car is on fire.

I understand it is your duty, on a crowded freeway, to drive recklessly and not pay attention to where you are going just to let me know that I left the gas cap off when I filled up at the gas station. Never mind that you are about to crash into the sheriff’s patrol car in front of you. Make sure you act like a crazy person to encourage me to stop right where I am in the middle of freeway traffic, get out of my car, and put my gas cap back on. Better yet, you first.

And for the dope who honked his horn at me twice on Main Street in Waukesha and actually stuck his head out the window to point at my gas cap, yes you are #1. Did you see which finger I used? It’s my favorite driving finger, and I used it to let you know just how special you are.

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