Friday, November 24th, 2017

Another statewide candidate running without credible opposition


Democrat Robert Fryst resigned as the treasurer of the Democratic Party and declined to run for state treasurer. Instead Fryst endorsed Republican Jack Voight for re-election.

Fryst doesn’t mince words when it comes to the remaining Democratic candidate:

As of yesterday, the only candidate to come forward is Dawn Marie Sass. Ms. Sass has never won elected office. Ms Sass has never campaigned hard for election. Ms. Sass has lost twice to State Treasurer Voight. Ms. Sass has lost repeatedly for good reason. She is not qualified to serve as treasurer of a bingo game, much less as Treasurer for the State of Wisconsin.

In his letter of resignation to the Democratic Party, Fryst is even more blunt,

Once again, we have nominated a candidate for State Treasurer who does not understand the office, does not campaign effectively, and will cause injury to the reputation of the State of Wisconsin and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I can not and will not stand by without saying so.

However, I do not believe it is appropriate for a leader in the Democratic Party to endorse a Republican for an office in which there is a Democratic candidate. Therefore, effective immediately, I resign as Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

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