Monday, November 20th, 2017

Anybody but Neumann


I’m not quite with Owen Robinson on this, but I understand the sentiment. When asked if he would support former Congressman Mark Neumann in the general election for Senate against Congressman Tammy Baldwin, Robinson replied (comment 10),

No. If Baldwin wins, she will be equally effective in the Senate as she is in the House. In other words, she’ll keep the seat warm. Neumann could do a lot of harm to the conservative cause by acting like a lying jackass while draping himself in the conservative mantle. The media will eat that up.

I’ll agree Baldwin would be pretty ineffective as a senator. Her candidacy will be more a story of identity politics rather than legislative accomplishments.

(Ironically, the identity politics may be the greatest attribute on the resume, but I’m curious if the African-American and Hispanic vote in the Democratic Primary defeats her because she’s a lesbian. I’d like to see the polling on that.)

I’ll also agree that Neumann is, in Robinson’s words, a “lying jackass.” The only way I would vote for Neumann in a Republican Primary is if his opponent is Ron Paul. If former Governor Tommy Thompson decides against running and Neumann ends up running unopposed, I will write in one of the Lorge brothers.

That said, if Neumann wins the primary, Republicans should rally to Neumann to defeat Baldwin. What’s the most important vote any legislator casts? For the leader of the chamber, in this case the Senate Majority Leader.

But I don’t think Neumann wins a primary against Thompson if those are the two candidates. Does anyone really think Thompson isn’t capable of running an effective campaign capable of dismantling Neumann?

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