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Once the virtual schools have a chance to prove themselves, and as long-term support for them builds, the caps will erode. We’ll just have to be patient. But this is finally the end of the road to Democratic obstructionism and a big defeat for WEAC (even as it is a victory for some of WEAC’s members that teach in these schools).

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Senate Passes Virtual School Plan, Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature
March 12, 2008
Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families
For Immediate Release, March 12, 2008
For further information, Contact: Rose Fernandez, 262-565-4844
Senate Passes Virtual School Plan, Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

The Wisconsin State Senate gave final passage to SB396 today. It now awaits action by the Governor, who has publicly voiced his support and is expected to sign the bill soon.

Rose Fernandez, President of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families made the following statement upon the Senate’s action:”This is a good day for advocates of education reform in general and public virtual schooling specifically. Especially when you consider how far we’ve come. Three months ago, public virtual schools were on the verge of shutting down because of a court order. Two months ago there was a proposal to cut per pupil funding at these schools in half. A month ago, we faced a two year enrollment freeze at present levels with the hope of only being able to grow to 4,500 students by 2015. When this bill is signed into law, a large bipartisan majority of legislators, the Governor and even the teachers’ union will have been on record in support of fully funding those who enroll in these schools, have an enrollment cap of 5,250 students and the schools will be statutorily recognized as an important component of the public school system in Wisconsin. We did not favor any cap, but we still anticipate these schools will continue to thrive. We look forward to the positive results of the audit and we are thankful of those who supported us today, and all those who continue to be our champions. While our efforts proved that democracy can work for the little guy, our Coalition continues to grow larger and stronger with each passing day. We look forward to continuing to be a voice for thousands of families who deserve an opportunity to choose these great public schools.”

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