Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Before the Democrats get excited


Egads. In a private conversation, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner actually commented on the physical evidence in front of us (and behind her) that First Lady Michelle Obama might not always practice what she preaches. Yes, the horror. To his credit, rather than complain about the invasion of his privacy, Sensenbrenner is going to apologize to the first lady.

I’m only going to point out that this is the same Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner who once had a bumper sticker on his car, “Wife and dog missing, reward for dog.” When the Milwaukee Sentinel reached his wife for comment, she thought it was damn funny. I’m guessing Sensenbrenner didn’t lose a single vote that year for that bumper sticker, and I doubt he loses two votes for having a private conversation overheard in an airport.

If I were the Democrats, I would be more concerned about the second half of the conversation with the White House. “By the way, is your husband there? I have a question or two about his attorney general and ‘fast and furious’.”

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