Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Beloit gets the point


Beloit re-enacted one of my wife’s favorite paintings.  (ht: The Chief)


From the Beloit Daily News:

The idea for duplicating the painting stemmed from Jeff Adams, an active members of Friends of Riverfront who was thinking of ways to promote a new event, Saturday in the Park with Friends. The event will replace the popular Turtles in the Park, and will invite the public to Riverside Park in August for a variety of events.

While thinking about what he envisioned for the event, Adams thought of Seurat’s painting, which shows men, women and children enjoying a day along a river. He soon wondered out loud if the painting could be duplicated, with a Beloit twist, along the Rock River.

On Saturday, a group of volunteers did a pretty good interpretation of the painting.

The event began earlier in the week when Friends Executive Director Becky Moffett and local photographer Mark Preuschl picked a spot along the Rock River that looked similar to the scene in Seurat’s painting. They then mapped out where each person would sit or stand.

As people began arriving at the site on Saturday, they where were sized up and assigned a place in the scene. On the river, a couple came paddling in on a canoe, while Dr. Pierre Charles showed up with his sailboat. After a few dogs were placed in the scene, the photographers were ready.

“You’re facing the river unless told otherwise,” Moffett bellowed through a bullhorn as those in the scene prepared for their moment.

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