Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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This is going to ramble a bit. Okay, this is your brain, and this is a blogger on drugs:

Should two average guys be named Chip and Dale? Or is it a play on the furniture? Anyways, local blogger Chip wants to be on the Paul Bucher bandwagon. Dale’s fascinated by Waukesha’s growth. You guys should move out here. The water’s great.

Speaking of the Buchers, proof that no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Okay guys, should I be ticked that Jessica McBride mentioned the Spring City Chronicle tonight on her radio program, and not my blog? How about Dean?

Personally, I operate on the theory that spreading linky-linky bloggy goodness benefits us all. I also believe that writing “linky-linky bloggy goodness” is the result of chugging cough syrup directly from the bottle. Cannonball! Anyways, it’s not like Jessica McBride isn’t going to write other columns, write her blog, talk on the radio, make television appearances, and talk to very important people about blogging. Maybe next time she’ll mention the lefty blogs, or the other conservative blogs she had to edit out because of the column/inch limit (I speak journalist).

Besides, it’s not whether or not you get nominated, it’s whether you win. Or something like that. So let’s be grateful we have such an ally in the local media.

I’ll tell you what. If anyone is seriously mad their blog didn’t get mentioned, for $20 I’ll mention them at the end of this blog post and send them an autographed copy of “Let the Fur Fly.”

More bloggy stuff from a foggy writer: Don’t forget to send in your favorite post of the week to the Carnival of the Badger. This week the Carnival travels to lovely Racine, WI, home of the Texas Hold’em Blogger. There’s three ways to send in a blog post:

Anyway, here’s some useful advice from the five-year-old. Blue medicine always tastes yucky. Always pick the red medicine.

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