Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Boss Holloway


When in doubt, punt. The State Attorney General’s office kicked back to Milwaukee’s County Supervisors the whole issue of whether or not Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway could be replaced by a simple majority of the County Board.

This follows the Milwaukee County Board’s decision on Monday to postpone taking action against Holloway, and Holloway’s supporters accusing the County Board members trying to get rid of him because of racism.

Today we learned Holloway is a not-so-nice landlord on Milwaukee’s North Side. At one point a warrant had to be issued because Holloway had failed to appear in court to answer about the dilapidated conditions at one of his properties. Coincidentally, that property is the source of the ethics complaints against Holloway, in which he is accused of taking money from a poverty agency in exchange for the property, property that Holloway never turned over.

If from the beginning I have sounded skeptical about efforts to remove Holloway from his position of Chairman, it’s because I doubted the County Board had the will to act. When they gather ten votes to get rid of him, I pointed out all he needed was one defector. He got two.

And with no public figures outside of the County Board willing to put pressure on Holloway to force him to leave (including County Executive Scott Walker), he’s not going anywhere.

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