Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Brett Davis’ rental property fit for vampires


State Representative Brett Davis, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and one of his rental properties were the subject of an interesting blogpost by one of his former tenants. Nathan Lusting and his roommates moved into a Davis apartment in August and discovered the home was more suitable for vampires.

My friends and I moved into the top two floors of a house on N. Hancock street on August 15th and quickly found out that there were bats sharing the house with us. Each night (and many mornings) for the seven days that we lived there, at least 3-4 bats would fly around our living room and bedrooms. From the first night, we alerted our landlord Brett Davis via phone, that there were bats living in the apartment. In fact, our second night in the apartment, Brett was at our house when bats were in our living room and he helped us get them out of the house. Our downstairs neighbors, who had lived upstairs the year before, claimed that they had alerted Brett about the bat problem previously.

Instead of 3-4 bats, there were 300-500 bats who entered the building through a hole fifteen feet by two feet in the soffit. The renters claim they were made sick by the bat guano and had to get rabies vaccinations. Shortly after it was mutually agreed that the lease would be terminated, Davis put the property up for rent again. By the way, you can see the pictures at Nathan Lustig’s blog.

I asked the Davis campaign for comment. I received the following response from Davis campaign manager, Cullen Werwie, “The campaign cannot comment on legal proceedings. The Davis rental properties have a history of providing housing to happy tenants who have been satisfied with service they received.” Werwie later clarified the statement to say, “legal matters,” not “legal proceedings.”

Unanswered by the campaign are whether the repairs were ever completed, the residence was cleared of vermin, and if Davis knew of the problem before renting the place to Lusting and his roommates.

As you can see strange things can happen when you are looking for a house to rent. It is better to work with a reputable company that is ready to help you find the perfect home. So, there is really no need for you to worry about preparing to take on rental properties.

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