Friday, November 24th, 2017

Catching up with the Scrima supporters


Or at least they’re catching up. “Blue Collar Conservative” a.k.a. Waukesha School Board member Steve Edlund commenting at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website on the rejected garbage fee:

You would think that the city employees and management would want to save jobs, management save staff, have new equipment and same staffing levels keep or improve the quality of life rather than creating greater financial hardships on the hand that feed them.

Instead it appears that rather than the Walker way, they want to keep their current $21,700 health insurance, keep the city attorney position elected rather than appointed, hire a new city administrator, and the unions not make the pension contribution now but wait until the contracts expire.

The citizens who spoke said they want a levy freeze and no tax shifting. The ball is in the hands of the city employees.

Hey Steve, good thing we didn’t listen to you when you demanded the alderman blindly follow the mayor’s lead or else you would force a referendum to shrink the Common Council to seven members.

Laurel Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirmed for me in an e-mail that Edlund did speak at Thursday’s committee meeting. No word if Edlund was speaking for himself, the school board, or his group, the Waukesha Citizens Accountability Board. Perhaps some reporter will ask him.

Annette Kuglitsch, former candidate for Alderman and a Scrima supporter,

“I challenge you to brush aside your dirty little scare tactic of give-us-what-you-want-or-else and replace it with efficient government,” said Waukesha resident Annette Kuglitsch, who lost in the spring election for alderman against incumbent Steve Johnson.

I guess Scrima isn’t the living embodiement of the will of the people.

Seriously, this is a reminder of why things work the way they do in Waukesha and why the council doesn’t just follow what the mayor says.



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