Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Cheesy coup d’état


Kevin Binversie recasts the recall effort. It’s not a Civil War, it’s a coup d’état.

Coups are defined as sudden and decisive actions in politics resulting in a change of government illegally or by force through a small group. When labor-backed demonstrators occupied the state Capitol in February 2011, Madison certainly looked like any big city in a third world country. When labor leaders used that occupation to argue that the state had become ungovernable, they seemed merely hypocritical. When they leveraged that argument—and millions of dollars in campaign slush funds—to push for the recall of the governor, well, that’s when we had ourselves a very American coup.

Watching the recallistas in action, one can see how their entire campaign platform has nothing to do with reuniting the state, ending the civil war or mending political fences. They just want Scott Walker gone — and with him any hope of permanently dismantling the public-employee machine that used to run the state’s politics.

The time has long since come for Wisconsinites to ask themselves an important question. After nearly 16 months of turmoil, do the recall supporters really want to “end the civil war” or just want to finish the coup they launched amidst the anarchy of the Madison protests? Their rhetoric says one thing, but their actions say something entirely different.

If they’re successful in recalling Governor Scott Walker, I believe the state Supreme Court will be next. Even if they’re successful in the State Senate, the victory will be fleeting and they’ll never take the State Assembly. They need the court to overturn everything that was done in 2011.

They might just try it anyway.

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