Monday, November 20th, 2017

Clint Eastwood


When one of my friends comes up with a bad idea, I usually ask two questions. “Oh sure, what could possibly go wrong?” And, “what good could possibly come of this?” Then we usually do the stupid idea anyway. I have an upcoming road trip to Florida that got it’s start that way.

Perhaps somebody in Mitt Romney’s campaign should have spoken up in the convention planning meetings, “Clint Eastwood, doing improv with an empty chair? What could go wrong?” But more than likely Eastwood would have been on the stage anyway.

After all, who is cooler than Clint Eastwood? Besides Paul Ryan, of course.

Watching Eastwood last night was like watching a train wreck that turns into an exciting, death-defying near miss, with a cool Dirty Harry at the controls. I cringed when he started talking to the empty chair and I realized it was Eastwood Improv Night. I’m sure it was funnier in the bar where the idea of the empty chair was conceived. But there was enough there to make it fun.

Then when Eastwood reminded the audience that they were the owners of the country, and that President Barack Obama was an employee, and that it was time to “let him go,” it was one of the great moments of the convention. The crowd had their red meat moment, chanting, “let him go.”

It’s too bad Eastwood wasn’t on before New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, when the *ahem* quirky performance would have been a better fit. It’s also too bad that the personal testimonials about Romney’s private life hadn’t led into Senator Marco Rubio’s speech instead.

But Eastwood’s act was nowhere near as awful as some of the leftwing blather coming out of Hollywood lately. Compare the performance to things said by Rosie O’Donnell, or Whoopie Goldberg, or Sean Penn, or John Cusack, or Roseanne Barr, or Alec Baldwin, none of whom ever receive mainstream media criticism. As Eastwood was making fun of Obama’s plan to try terrorists in Manhattan, Jason Biggs got into the gutter on Twitter about Paul Ryan’s wife.

Eastwood’s making fun of Oprah crying and the high expectations the Hollywood Left has of Obama was a breath of fresh air. If we’re going to celebrate celebrities for merely being celebrities, it was refreshing to hear one of the most legendary figures in Hollywood trash the smelly orthodoxies regularly spewed from the Left Coast.

Eastwood’s performance may have been the good, the bad, and the odd, but it beat the hell out of Elizabeth Dole walking around with a microphone.

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