Sunday, August 25th, 2019



I have some new commenters here. That’s always good, but I’m asking everyone to please obey the rules. A couple of highlights for the new people:

Comments are not only allowed, they are encouraged. I allow the maximum freedom possible but, quoting National Review’s classified advertising policy, one man’s freedom is another man’s straightjacket.

I do not allow libel. I strongly encourage that if you see a libel that I have missed to please let me know so it can be removed. I confess to a more sensitive eye on some subjects and some people even though I try to be fair. Your help is greatly appreciated. By the way, this includes some use of nicknames.

I will edit profanity. I realize other sites allow it. I do not. I realize that some topics push the boundaries and the language sometimes unfortunately follows. This site is meant to be PG-13, and I am not Larry Flynt. Keep the off-color language to yourself.

A note on civility:

I realize that as we get closer to election day it will be tougher for some of you to keep a civil tone as you type. We’re all human, and I’ve been known to lose my temper, too.

However, if we all try to be civil then we can have some real, meaningful, adult conversations here. Then I don’t have to ban commenters or pull comments like I did today.

In the immortal words of Judge Smails, “I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. But I.. owed it to them.”

Seriously, taking a cheap shot now and then won’t hurt too many people. Just being mean, vulgar and obnoxious has long since lost it’s shock value. If you have anger management issues, the Journal Sentinel’s comment sections are probably more suitable for you.

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