Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Contenders for dumbest tweet about normalizing relations with Cuba


Yep, Chuck Todd really wrote that. Cuba is still an oppressive Communist regime. It’s still an island prison. But Chuck Todd is comparing normalizing relations with Cuba to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Hey, but that was just a Tweet. Talking Points Memo pushed the stupid volume to eleven.

The article on the website was even worse:

Earlier this year, the world commemorated the fall of the Berlin Wall. That event offered the prospect of finally ending the Cold War, but for the deadlock in our relations with Cuba.

What happened in the United States is that the remaining voices of the Cold War—the defenders of U.S. sanctions—have been overtaken by the voices of those who want a foreign policy toward Cuba that is appropriate for this century.

Early in his term, President Obama received the Nobel Prize not for actions he’d already taken, but for actions yet to be. Given what he has been doing in foreign policy—the nuclear negotiations with Iran, the climate change agreement with China, and this agreement with Cuba, it’s now time to say that the Nobel Committee was right: he earned it.

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