Thursday, January 17th, 2019

CPAC, like a rainbow


So GOProud wasn’t allowed to be a co-sponsor of CPAC this year. There may be a more mundane reason than just politics.

Yes, GOProud’s relations with the ACU are strained. They weren’t allowed to sponsor the event, but it’s not an outright ban. Dave Weigel blogged today that, “GOProud, a gay Republican advocacy group, has been barred from co-sponsoring CPAC since it did so in 2011 and pissed off social conservatives. (Chris Barron, one of the group’s founders, called CPAC board member Cleta Mitchell a “nasty little bigot” in an interview with the gay magazine Metro Weekly. His apology was not truly accepted.)” When you’re invited to someone’s house, you don’t defecate on the carpet. If anyone called someone on the board of the hosting committee a bigot, then rightfully things will get ugly. Furthermore, it doesn’t help that GOProud, in response to Gov. Rick Perry’s ad about gays in the military in 2011, outed his pollster, Tony Fabrizio, which isn’t something conservatives should do.

I’ve been critical of CPAC’s decisions in the past, but I thought inviting GOProud as a sponsor a few years ago was appropriate. However, we shouldn’t be too shocked when feelings get hurt that somebody get’s dis-invited from the party.

CPAC did have a “Rainbow on the Right” panel discussion.

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