Saturday, August 24th, 2019



Last night I had fun making jokes about Senator Ted Cruz‘s Canadian origins. No, I don’t think Cruz is the Calgarian Candidate sent here by stealth to foist single-payer healthcare and a singing mounted police state on us. (But let’s keep Angela Lansbury away from him.) Despite my jokes, Cruz is eligible to run for president.

It doesn’t mean Cruz should. I have no doubt that Cruz is a serious candidate. I probably agree with him on nearly every issue. But that doesn’t mean we should agree with his tactics. When Cruz engineered the government shutdown, all he did was put his colleagues in a bad spot with no end in sight. Congressman Paul Ryan wrote in his book, The Way Forward, the explanation he got from one of his colleagues for voting for the shutdown, “I’m happy to vote to fund the government, but we have to shut it down first. That way, we can prove what you’re saying– that it doesn’t stop Obamacare. But if I vote to stop the shutdown beforehand, then I could be cast as being in favor of Obamacare. I just can’t do that.”

The shutdown ended as a terrible defeat for Republicans. Cruz was lauded by some conservative groups but nothing was accomplished while Republicans in Congress were hurt politically.

If that’s the type of principled leadership being offered by Cruz, Republicans should look elsewhere for their presidential nominee. Roaring, spitting fire and destroying everything in your path is a role for movie monsters, not presidential contenders.

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