Monday, May 20th, 2019

Cry for the Indians


The Mukwonago school district is trying to defend its good name, the Indians, from the Department of Public Instruction’s order to change it. While some in the state legislature are trying to change the law, I’ve learned from sources in the Assembly that Speaker Robin Vos is opposed to taking up the issue.

It’s a classic case of not wanting to offend people who would never vote for the Republicans in the first place. Vos is hoping to keep tribal gaming money on the sidelines as much as possible in legislative elections, an unlikely result given the aftermath of the mining issue and other issues of contention.

As I wrote in the Waukesha Freeman,

Republicans now control the Legislature. They should end this nonsense and stop the DPI from suing school districts and fining non-compliant schools.

Republicans should do it in the name of defending local schools. But Republicans should also do it because we shouldn’t be eradicating the role of Native Americans in our history and our culture by trying to erase every mention of them.

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