Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Cutting edge relationships


Meredith Baxter, thrice-married, has made the lesbian-coming-out career move. “…It never once occurred to me that I was gay.” What’s so unique about this that People Magazine even bothers to cover it? Will the publicity boost Baxter’s career? Unlikely. Ellen has a daytime talkshow, and the Bono kid upped the ante with a sex change. Becoming a lesbian is just cliché, possibly even passé.

Want to be on the cutting edge in Hollywood? Here’s an idea. Have your publicist issue the press release saying you’re heterosexual, only going to get married once, and you’re a conservative Republican. That would really shock everyone at the sitcom reunion.

The cover of People Magazine will be yours, even as the rest of Hollywood gasps in horror.

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