Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Dan’s really bad day


Dan Cody had a really bad day with his nephew because it was really hot and apparently Dan doesn’t own a sprinkler with a garden hose. When they got to the public pool (without checking the hours ahead of time) he was horrified to discover it was closed. Then they checked another public pool and it was closed! What are the odds?

From his really, really bad day (did I mention it was hot?) Dan extrapolates public policy. One, public pools should be kept open regardless of cost or demand. Especially when Dan is really, really hot. (I guess the movie theaters were closed and his car doesn’t have air conditioning.) Two, everyone should have been able to predict that Dan, despite clearly having access to the internet, would be unable to go to the Milwaukee County website and see if the public pools were open. Maybe it was too hot for his computer. Three, “unorganized ‘gangs’ of youths” will be more organized if they can go swimming.

Four, when politicians say making a decision to permananetly close parks and lay off employees is really difficult, it really means they’re not catering to my wants.

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