Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Debating the Walker presidential buzz


The good folks at (subscription required) asked a number of Wisconsin conservatives to discuss the presidential buzz regarding Governor Scott Walker. If you respond the fastest, your answer gets posted first, and I start the discussion by being something of a killjoy. Here’s part of what I wrote:

In politics, timing is everything. Walker’s ascendance is at a time when other conservative stars are coming of age. Unlike 2012 when Mitt Romney dominated in a Republican presidential primary campaign of political dwarfs, Republicans will have some very solid and established candidates. Senator Marco Rubio gave a speech at CPAC, too, that caused more presidential buzz. Senator Rand Paul may actually be able to bridge Republicans and libertarians. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is leading the way on tax and education reform. Governor Chris Christie is taking on unions and special interests in his state and is getting national attention for his directness. And let’s not forget Congressman Paul Ryan who has had a taste of the national stage.

Finally, while I like Walker, and truly respect him as a governor, he has no foreign policy experience or credentials. He also can’t point to an educational background that would lend credibility in that area.

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