Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Did Herb Kohl check his couch cushions for change?


The state of Wisconsin gave the Bradley Center $5 million for renovations in the last budget. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

  • The suites have been completely redone for the first time in the arena’s history. The glass doors that used to separate the suite from the viewing area are gone, giving fans the sense of more space to view the action on the floor or ice. The colors inside are new, too.

  • Theater boxes have proved to be popular at the arena, so more are being added. There are now 16 theater boxes that include a private dining table.

  • “It’s a very comfortable space,” Costello said. The boxes are leased on a yearly basis, and are all-inclusive with parking, food and beverage. The boxes lease for $65,000 to $70,000 a year and have appealed to companies looking for an all-inclusive price.

  • The Backcourt Club, carved out of an area on the arena’s service level, is intended to be more exclusive to those in the high-price seats at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Fans at the club are able to see players walk by as they enter and leave the court or ice. For Bucks’ games, the club has a capacity of up to 100 people. “We’ll use it for all team and special events,” Costello said.

  • The South End, on the 200 level, is open for all events and fans. The new area has a seating and table area and offers new food options, including sandwiches from Jake’s Deli and nachos from the El Rey grocery. MillerCoors also has a new bar area, the “Tap House,” with 30 types of beer.

So let me ask the obvious question I emailed WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes today when he discussed it on the air. Herb Kohl can build a Kohl Center in Madison, can pay the salaries of all of his players, fund senate campaigns out of pocket, but doesn’t have $5 million to upgrade the seating area for his friends?

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