Friday, November 24th, 2017

Didn’t Homer Simpson try this?


Hartland recently decided garbage should be picked up at the curb rather than at the garage door.

In an ideal world, someone else would come over to your house on garbage day and haul your trash and recycling bins down to the curb for you.

In some communities, where sanitary workers pick up residents’ trash and recyclables at their garage door, that’s almost what happens.

Last week, the Village Board discussed the possibility of offering garage-door trash pickup to village residents.

Trustees ultimately voted to keep the village’s existing curbside pickup, with only Trustee Jack Wenstrom voting against keeping things the way they are.

Look, in an ideal world naked women would fight with each other for the pleasure of picking the lint out of my belly button, but I think we can spare the taxpayers the bill for that expense. What amazes me is that in the day of computer driven customer service a community the size of Hartland can’t find a waste management contractor that can do customized individual service with the homeowner paying extra for extra services.

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