Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Digging an ethical canal through the Isthmus


In response to criticism from Emily Mills, Jack Craver in the comments in Isthmus makes one more attempt at a defense for his unethical rumor mongering (discussed here, here and here) by falling to the standards of the Shepherd Express:

It was a cover story the SE ran in 1996. The title was “Closed Closet: Herb Kohl has a Queer Problem.” It was in the wake of Kohl’s vote in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act. According to the Advocate, a gay and lesbian magazine, it generated an enormous amount of controversy and resulted in the resignation of the editor at the time. I don’t believe it is online right now — but there is commentary on it in Advocate through Google Books:

So when is it appropriate to raise the issue?”

As the linked-to article in the Advocate points out, the Shepherd Express (formerly known as The Crazy Shepherd) actually issued a public retraction of the story (and Senator Herb Kohl again denied he was gay). If anything, this only reinforces just how awful Craver’s original article really was.

So far, Isthmus has not issued a public retraction or anything like it. No apology to the Senator, either. Craver still can’t even bring himself to mention Kohl’s denial that he is a homosexual.

However, the light might finally be going on for Craver. “I understand that the way I presented the issue was irresponsible — I should have mentioned the controversy the SE article generated.”

Yes, the way Craver presented the issue was irresponsible. It would have been better if he never raised the issue of Kohl’s sexuality in the first place.

According to the article Craver links to, the issue was so serious when the Shepherd Express reported the rumor about Kohl that editor Jeffrey Perso resigned. We await any signs of life among the Isthmus editors.

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