Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Do Libertarians support anti-Semitism?


The following is an e-mail sent to Wisconsin Libertarian Party Chair Dave Redick and Wisconsin Libertarian Party Vice Chair Rolf Lindgren.

I’m looking for an official statement from the Libertarian Party regarding Joseph Sobran’s speech tomorrow night at the Milwaukee Athletic Club. the speech is sponsored by Wisconsin Forum, and two prominent Libertarians serve on the organization’s advisory board: Bob Collison, former state party chairman, and Tim Peterson, Libertarian candidate for state treasurer.

As you may be aware from the publicity or from a brief look into Mr. Sobran’s past, Mr. Sobran is clearly anti-Semitic in his writings and his associations.

1) Do you expect Collison and Peterson to resign from Wisconsin Forum’s advisory board now nthat the organization has chosen to associate itself and actually sponsor an anti-Semite?

2) If Peterson does not resign from the advisory board, and does not disassociate himself from the event or the organization, will you continue to support him for statewide office?


James Wigderson
Wigderson Library & Pub

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