Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Don’t believe everything you read


Badger Blogger gives the boys at folkbum a geography lesson:

The claim is, “The company that did Walker’s ads was the same company that did Steve Forbes ads, and they’re based in Chicago.” Well, the fact is, Scott Walker is using a man named Bill Eisner, he is the founder of a company named Nonbox, and he is based right here in Hales Corners Wisconsin. Yes, that IS in Milwaukee County. You can click here and see his address on his website. By the way, they did do the Forbes ads too, so he gets a half point for that.

Apparently Lena Taylor isn’t the only one that is completely and utterly confused, because, although Hales Corners is on the South Side of Milwaukee, it is not in Chicago… However, Lena Taylor’s ad company website clearly shows that they are in fact based in Chicago Ill.

It may explain their continued support for Chicago-style voting.

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