Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Don’t disrupt a concert at the Capitol


Another protestor in Madison feels his special cause entitles him to disrupt any activity at the Capitol, including a concert by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.

A man making his own noise at the start of Concerts on the Square by screaming profanities about government leaders was chased by police as music fans scrambled to get out of the way, and eventually Tasered and arrested, Madison police reported.

William Gruber, 47, of Madison, was tentatively charged with disorderly conduct, resisting/obstructing an officer and possession of marijuana following his arrest Wednesday evening on the Capitol grounds.

Police officer Howard Payne, one of two officers who arrested Gruber, told that Gruber was screaming about Gov. Walker and Nazis near the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Main Street.

“We gave him two options, either stop it or get arrested,” Payne said. “He said he had First Amendment rights, and started running in and out of the blankets.”

Concerts on the Square traditionally has hundreds of music lovers spreading out their blankets on the Capitol lawn to listen to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.

“We finally caught Gruber as he yelled ‘These cops are trying to arrest me and I have pot in my pocket!,'” Payne said. “He struggled within inches of concert patrons, so a Taser was used to bring him under control.”

So here’s the rule for protestors. Disrupt the workings of the Capitol. Make as much noise as you want. Occupy the Capitol. Set up camp in the Capitol. Try to prevent other events at the Capitol. Demonstrate without a permit in the Capitol. Harass legislators on their way to work in the Capitol. Harass legislators’ families in the Capitol. Yell at student groups touring the Capitol. Physically harass and intimidate those that disagree with you at the Capitol. Do all of that, and the Capitol Police will take your pizza order.

Yell a few things before a performance of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra on the lawn and the Capitol Police will taser your ass until your skeleton shows like a cartoon strip.

The next time Americans for Prosperity holds a Tax Day rally at the Capitol they should bring along a few violinists.

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