Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Don’t listen to us


State Senator Mark Miller: “Senate Democrats remain strongly committed to restoring the collective bargaining rights that were stripped away by Governor Walker and Republican legislators this session. Any statement that we are not fully committed to this fight is simply ridiculous.”

The apparently ridiculous reality:

Within the past couple of weeks, all the state senators were given an opportunity by The Wheeler Report, a respected, independent state capitol news service, to list their top priorities for the upcoming 2013 legislative session.

Though the Wheeler Report did not publish the results on their own page, the senators’ responses can be viewed at the web site of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.

Many senators listed 5 or 6 legislative priorities, but not one mentioned restoring collective bargaining for public employees. Not just no Republicans. No Democratic senator listed restoration of collective bargaining rights for public employees as a priority. Not one.

(Thanks to Dave Blaska, who warns that a teachers strike in Chicago could have repercussions in Madison.)

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