Sunday, November 19th, 2017

DSL Cable re-installed, TPA dead


Owen at Boots and Sabers has an excellent breakdown of why the Taxpayer Protection Amendment (TPA) failed.

I do disagree with him on Mark Green, though. There was little Green could’ve done to get TPA passed. It was an unrealistic expectation, unfortunately encouraged by those dumb ads on the radio. The best anyone could’ve expected from Green was when the weak version passed the Assembly, Green could’ve condemned it outright. Instead, Green embraced the weak version, showing that his embrace of TPA was nothing more than opportunistic.

TPA was dead in January. It just took some time for the smell of the corpse to seep out of the basement. If there is any irony in all this, it turns out the strongest tax freeze that passed the state legislature… was Governor Jim Doyle’s.

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