Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Earthquake stories


Did you feel the Earth move today? Be honest. Seriously. You didn’t, did you?

The last time there was an earthquake within a thousand miles, the radio stations were full of people claiming that the earthquake was so powerful it shook them out of bed.  Books fell, lamps swayed, houses shook, and the sound of freight trains drove everyone to the phones to talk about the earthquake.

I was up at the time of the last earthquake. You know what I noticed? It was still dark out.

What will take for talk radio to jam the phones with callers tomorrow? “So where were you when the earthquake happened, and did you feel it?”

I’m waiting for the first caller to say, “I was with my girlfriend. I don’t know if we felt the earthquake, but we felt the earth move.”

Now that would be worth hearing, as Paul Harvey said, “the rest of the story.”

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