Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Easter Carnival of the Badger


Welcome to the Easter Carnival of the Badger. Those of you who are Orthodox, please don’t read this until April 23rd. This year, the Easter Bunny has agreed to spend a little more time with us. After all, there’s a few houses he gets to skip this year. Plus, he wanted to spend some time with our family in case we use this weekend to escape take a vacation.

We’re a little crowded today, as some 12 million people have hippity-hopped over the border univited to join our little party. Nick reminds us what happens when univited guests drop by and expect to be cared for, and Clint at Milwaukee ID10T has come up with a 12-step plan to discourage them from coming. After all, they weren’t exactly being nice people by crashing the gate in the first place. In fact, Casper calls them just downright rude.

What’s that Mr. Easter Bunny? Lettuce? In this house? How about a French Fry?

We all know how the Easter Bunny doesn’t like it when we pay back-handed compliments. Aaron reminds the Easter Bunny of a certain newspaper that didn’t want to acknowledge a certain blogger’s story about a bad boy in Racine.

Grumps reminds of the Happy Circumstances surrounding the Easter Bunny’s decision to pass by a certain congressman’s home in Texas. A bad, bad man who doesn’t like the Easter Bunny’s fellow rodents. Or, for that matter, 70 year-old Democrats.

Maybe that 70 year-ol Democrat could’ve used this guy to protect her, although our friend Peter points out his services may be needed by the Racine Schools first.

Your name is Peter, too? I guess I forgot that. You know Mr. Easter Bunny, I strongly suggest you avoid certain homes in the Milwaukee area. Our friend Patrick reports on how a couple of murders here and there don’t seem to be having much of an impact anymore. You might get caught in the crossfire.

The Easter Bunny likes all kinds of Jelly Beans: black, red, green, orange, whatever. And he doesn’t get upset when there’s a majority of one color left in the bag. He just buys more, like his friend Elliot.

What’s that Mr. Easter Bunny? You weren’t planning on visiting Madison this year? But it’s not that bad yet. That would only happy if that crazy guy gets his way. It’s still okay to go there and visit our friend Jenna.

No, Mr. Easter Bunny! Don’t eat that olive out of that glass! Oh, no. Too late. No, wait! Put that bottle down! Well, I’m sorry boys and girls, but the Easter Bunny might be a little late this year as he sleeps this off. I promise next year to lock the bar up before he comes over.

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