Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Finally a war Sweden and France are willing to fight


Normally, I’m for a wide latitude of freedom, especially in the marketplace. However, if the European Union is to have any meaning or influence, it ought to be in protecting the traditional definition of vodka.

Finland is aligned with Poland, Sweden and other traditional vodka producers around the Baltic Sea, who want the European Union to insist that only spirits made with traditional ingredients — barley grain and potato — should be allowed to carry the vodka label.

Pitched against them is a group led by Britain, the Netherlands, France and Austria — and backed by London-based multinational drinks producer Diageo — which take a more relaxed view of what can go into vodka, for example grapes, beets or citrus fruit.

Beets? Beets? What is this, a prison movie? A recipe concocted by residents of the Betty Ford Clinic? Beets?

Do you think when the great political leaders get together and down a few shots they want to drink crappy beet juice? What a waste of olives.

(Thanks Erik!)

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