Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Finally saw Inception


(Don’t read any further if you want to avoid spoilers.)

Inception was an interesting movie. However, Since the movie starts with us having no understanding of the character washing up on the sand, and it ends so ambiguously, is it possible that the entire film is intended to be a dream? Could it be Cobb’s dream, or Mal’s dream, or Nolan’s?

When Cobb and Mal are so deep that they no longer can recognize that they are in a dream, shouldn’t killing themselves by being run over by a train have sent them deeper in limbo?

Is it possible Mal was right? Perhaps she’s moved up to the next level but Cobb is still trapped, perhaps in Mal’s dream. That would explain why the many “nameless, faceless” corporations, manifestations of Cobb’s paranoia or Mal’s subconscious defending itself, are pursuing Cobb even at that level.

Notice that every scene is a jolt from one to the next at the supposed “awake” level. The character never explains how he got there. Yet he moves from one location to another rather quickly.

Why couldn’t Ariadne alter the architecture at the lower levels as easily as she did earlier in the film?

My first reaction to seeing Leonardo Di Caprio wash up on the beach is that he must’ve thawed out from Titanic. I see Kate Winslet was considered for the role of Mal. Will Cobb’s heart go on?

If killing yourself that many levels down will only send you to limbo, why does Saito pick up the gun? Or do they tip the chairs back?

Nolan says that the important part of the ending was that Cobb did not look at the Top to see what the result was but instead decided to focus on the children. Wasn’t that the choice Mal made?

How does Miles suddenly appear at the end?

If one of them kicked all the way up to the airplane level, wouldn’t he or she have the ability to kick every up?

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