Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

folkbum and Fischer, for the record


Some bloggers are questioning the blogging demeanor of Kevin Fischer, aide to State Senator Mary Lazich, and whether his blog and comments he leaves on other blogs reflect poorly on her. I don’t yet have an opinion.

I was surprised when Jay Bullock of “folkbum’s rambles and rants” linked to my site as a conservative “irritated” with Kevin Fischer. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t remember everything I write, so I checked the blog posts to which Bullock linked and confirmed that Bullock completely mischaracterized my posts. I noticed the other conservative cited by Bullock as “irritated” with Fischer was Fred Dooley, and his posts were completely mischaracterized as well.

I’ve written three comments at Bullock’s site pointing out his misuse of what I wrote and, while I didn’t expect an apology, I expected a correction after my first two comments.

Jay, I’m concerned about the way my blog posts that mention Kevin Fischer have been mischaracterized. I don’t see where there’s any interpretation possible that I could be “irritated” with Kevin Fischer. In fact, I don’t see where I offer an opinion on him at all.

For that matter, Fred’s posts don’t seem to indicate any displeasure with Fischer either.

We seem to have had this problem before with your links not supporting your arguments.

james wigderson | Homepage | 01.25.08 – 5:07 pm

No response from Bullock. I wrote this in response to one of his commenters:

I count one open question of whether a staff member is allowed to have a blog. In the comments I even added,
“I don’t have a problem with Fischer blogging; it’s just that a year ago there were a number of blogs shut down because the state legislators didn’t want their staff blogging.”

And I did one post poking fun at his elected boss, which I’m known to do from time to time. (Full disclosure: I was a paid campaign consultant for Lazich for her first state senate race in the primary.)

I don’t think I have even offered an opinion in print or pixels on Kevin Fischer himself. I might have, but I don’t remember. I do know him to be a fan of Andre Rieu. That or his wife is.

Other than that, if I am going to be accused of being irritated with someone, it’ll be with someone who uses my posts out of context.
james wigderson | Homepage | 01.25.08 – 7:55 pm | #

Finally, this afternoon I commented once more, to the attention of one of Bullock’s co-writers on the site:

Capper, I am asking for a prominent correction. And at this point, I’m also owed an apology. Perhaps you can track Mr. Bullock down and tell him to set the record straight.
james wigderson | Homepage | 01.26.08 – 12:41 pm | #

I realize that Bullock’s site has degenerated into a cartoon and I’m probably not going to get any satisfaction, but I wanted to set the record straight.

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