Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

GAB in retreat


As we noted last night, the MacIver Institute did file an open records request today, pointing out that all the Government Accountability Board (GAB) needed to do was make a copy of the scans they already made of the petitions to recall Governor Scott Walker. The MacIver Institute’s Brett Healy will be picking up four disks tomorrow.

Oh, and the GAB’s position on not posting the petitions collapsed like a bunch of broccoli.

Few processes in the electoral system or elsewhere are more public than the signing of recall petitions against state elected officials. Petition signers chose to participate in the public process of initiating a recall election of the Governor as well as other officeholders, and any concerns regarding their personal safety and privacy may not have been considered when signing a petition. In addition, officeholders and the public have a right to view the petitions, not only for the legal process of filing challenges to signatures, but to help ensure the transparency and accountability of the petition review process, and of Wisconsin’s electoral system.

What a shock they would reverse course and decide to post all the petitions? Who would ever have predicted that they would be forced to do so?

By the way, you can now find the recall petitions online. It was almost as if Kevin Kennedy had already given the order.

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