Monday, November 20th, 2017

GAB retread David Deininger


Governor Jim Doyle announced Wednesday an appointment to the “non-partisan regulatory body that administers and enforces the state’s election, campaign finance, and ethics laws,” the Government Accountability Board (GAB). The new GAB member is an old member, Judge David Deininger a fact conveniently missing in the bio information in the governor’s press release. Deininger left the GAB when Attorney General JB Van Hollen issued an opinion that the judge could not serve on the GAB because his term in office as judge hadn’t expired yet.

During Deininger’s first appointment to the GAB, the Wisconsin Club for Growth raised questions about his role with the Wisconsin Judicial Campaign Integrity Committee (WJCIC), a group dedicated to controlling the debate and stifling free speech during the Gableman-Butler race for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Deininger’s membership in the WJCIC is conspicuously absent from the biographical information, too.

Deininger’s appointment now goes to the State Senate for approval. Republicans should take the opportunity to press for a commitment from Deininger to protect the First Amendment rights of Wisconsinites wishing to participate in Wisconsin’s elections. Republicans certainly have reason to doubt such a commitment exists.

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