Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Good to know the Democrats are not over-reacting to Kathy Nickolaus’ return


Jeff Christensen, the 2nd Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, posted on Facebook a measured response to the news that the Town of Waukesha just signed former County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus to a three-year deal.

jeff and kathy

You know, I would make fun of Jeff but I’m trying to justify not spending the night at the Waukesha town hall for the August Republican Primary.

Here’s a picture of (left to right) Darryl Enriquez, me, and Jeff Christensen waiting for election results at the County Courthouse. I wonder which of us is going to going to bring the snacks for the next election meltdown.

Left to right: Darryl Enriquez, me, Jeff Christensen of the Democratic Party. Photo by Charles Auer.

By the way, I broke the news of Nickolaus’ hiring over at RightWisconsin last Thursday and spelled out Nickolaus’ error-prone history. What was the town board thinking? The only one happy about this hiring is Dave Weigel.

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