Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Gratuitous and stupid


Owen Robinson’s appearance on Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes must have been a last-minute invitation. He was clearly not prepared when he gave his “loser of the week.” To name Paul Bucher because Bucher has been open supporter of William Gleisner’s was gratuitous and stupid and clearly not thought out.

I’m trying to give Robinson the benefit of the doubt.

Robinson’s excuse was that he was tired of other conservatives tip-toeing around the Gleisner race because of Paul Bucher. Robinson must’ve been out the country when the host of the show he was on took several swipes at the Gleisner campaign last week, as did Mark Belling further down the dial.

The following supporters of Gleisner must’ve been on Robinson’s list, too.

State Representative Scott Newcomer

State Representative Rich Zipperer

Daniel Vrakas, Waukesha County Executive

What a bunch of liberals, right?

Here’s the rest of the list of the losers.

I don’t know if Gleisner is going to win. I strongly suspect the issue of Gleisner’s mental health is probably going to kill his chances.

But to say Paul Bucher is a “loser” because of his support for another candidate is just ignorant and shows a lack of preparedness for Charlie Sykes’ show. As I said, I’m trying to give Robinson the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise I’d have to believe Robinson’s remark goes back to his stupid conflict with the Bucher campaign two years ago. In that case Robinson’s little swipe was not only gratuitous and stupid, but childish, too.

Oh, and if Robinson’s choice for State Supreme Court turns out not to be the “law and order” candidate Robinson touted on Sunday Insight, will he name himself the “loser of the week?”

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