Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

“He has a real problem telling the truth.”


I could spend all day answering Jeff Scrima’s supporters complaining about my “unfair” coverage of the mayor, or the Waukesha Freeman’s “unfair” coverage of the mayor. However, it’s just as easy to link to other commentaries on the mayor. This time it’s WISN-AM’s Mark Belling on Monday’s program blasting Scrima (audio link) for not keeping his promise on taking half his salary.

You might remember how, during the campaign, I criticized Scrima’s promise as a cheap campaign gimmick. I still believe it, regardless of who makes the promise. Some people are believing Scrima when he says he is setting up a foundation and that’s what’s taking so long. Now I’ve noticed comments elsewhere from a few Scrima supporters saying he deserves his full salary after the way he’s been kicked around.

I know for a fact that when Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas takes a furlough day, he writes a check out to the County to “pay” for the day. Because his salary is set by statute, Vrakas has to take his full salary and then write out a check.

There is nothing preventing Scrima from doing the same thing.

I predict that if Scrima does not get this resolved soon, or if the “foundation” he sets up looks in any way questionable, even the hard core Scrima supporters are going to desert him. I strongly suggest that if Scrima wants to silence his critics on at least one front he needs to start writing a check to the city, and he “owes” the city at least one full paycheck so far.

But if he thinks he can just string this along until people are not paying attention, or he can set up some phony little “charity” to stick money into that he still controls, the citizens of Waukesha will not put up with it.

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