Friday, November 24th, 2017

Hello, Mr. Radio


Deb Jordahl takes a look at fortunate son JB Van Hollen and his radio ads looking for something original.

But the best evidence of Van Hollen’s vaucous style came today when his campaign released a radio ad identical in theme to that of Paul Bucher only a few days after Van Hollen criticized Bucher for running the ad.

Van Hollen defended his own statements but said he wouldn’t use an ad like Bucher’s, saying it could distract voters from the issue of which candidate could solve the Crime Lab problem.

I suppose Van Hollen heard the praise others doled out to Bucher for his effective radio spot and decided if you can’t beat em, join em.

I choose to throw my support behind the candidate who really has been making his mark for two decades, fighting crime and building coalitions in one of Wisconsin’s most populated counties.

Here’s the link to the Bucher ad.
Here’s the link to the Van Hollen ad.

In the case of the Bucher ad, the family of the rape victim contacted Paul Bucher’s people ahead of time, but there has been some wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding the presence of the other crime victim in the ad whose name has been since removed.

Paul Bucher, as Matt Thomas reminds us, is in Arizona today, despite a really biased headline. He is learning about the effects of a Taser on his primary opponent. “So I wanted to investigate Jim Doyle but Washington wouldn’t let me.” #ZAP!# “Paul, stop that! You suck!”

Matt keeps me honest.

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