Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Help Larry Help!


Larry Nelson-We need help! Can someone tell us how to get rid of the neighbors camper in their back yard? There are people actually living in it! The City Building Inspector has been called. The Alderman has been called. The Neighbors have called. Everyone has called and the camper is still there!!!!! It has been there four months. Of course, the camper dwellers (I could use another term here) are claiming that they are not using the facilities in the camper. (Sure, I have a bridge to sell you too). What is even scarier is that the camper dwellers have removed their air conditioner and have calked openings and stuff as if they are getting it ready for winter!!! The Camper needs to go and there isnt anyone in the city administration that is helping us and we have no one to turn to. REVOLT!!! Mayor Nelson we need your intervention!

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