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How Walker should wrap up campaign


Waukesha Freeman October 30, 2014 Page A6 Opinion

How Walker should wrap up campaign

CaptureThe other day I raced back from Milwaukee to get to City Hall before 4:30. I wanted to vote early rather than wait until Election Day. While driving, I had two thoughts. The first was don’t get caught speeding. But the second thought I had was how the campaign should end.

Nobody in the governor’s campaign has asked me, but what follows is what should be the last television ad of the campaign season:


A lone stool sits in the middle of the screen with a plain background. Enter Gov. Scott Walker, dressed in business casual and no tie. Walker sits down and looks right at the camera:

Hi. We’re just a short time away from Election Day. I wanted to take this moment to give you some final words before you enter the voting booth on Tuesday.

I know it’s been a long four years in Wisconsin. Certainly Tonette and I never anticipated just how tumultuous they would be. I know many of you never expected it, either.

We’ve been through a lot together: the demonstrations in Madison and at my family’s home in Wauwatosa. Democratic state senators fleeing the state. Daily protests in the Capitol. The recall elections. A statewide recount in an election for state Supreme Court.

Of course, you and I also went through an unprecedented recall election for governor in 2012, making me the only governor in America to be elected twice for the same term.

But you and I have accomplished great things together. We have put over 100,000 people back to work. We have cut property and income taxes. We took a $3.6 billion state budget deficit when I took office and turned it into a surplus, meaning more tax cuts in the years to come.

Unlike when I took office, Wisconsin’s employers say the state is on the right track, and we are nationally recognized for our efforts to improve the state’s business climate.

We have given the tools to local governments and school districts to balance their budgets without raising taxes. We have expanded educational opportunity by offering more choices to parents. Finally, we froze tuition at the university level to help more Wisconsinites live the dream of going to college.

Together, you and I are moving the state forward.

My opponent, who served in the previous administration, would like to take us backward. Back to a time when with billion-dollar tax increases that could not fill ever-increasing budget deficits. Back to a time when, instead of creating jobs, over 100,000 of our fellow citizens found themselves out of work. Back to a time when special interests were running our state government instead of we the people, and back to a time when they were running the state into ruin.

I recognize that my policies haven’t been well-received by everyone. I know that many people are supporting my opponent, not because of who she is or her accomplishments, but because they oppose everything we have done since we started this four years ago.

I hear their anger at our policies. I hope that in the next four years they will see how our policies will benefit everyone in the long run.

We changed the state’s direction in 2010, and you stuck with me in 2012. Now I am asking you to vote for me once again, so we can continue to lower taxes, expand educational opportunity, and put people back to work.

Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourselves, and for your families.

When I think about the work ahead of us, I think about our sons Matt and Alex. I think about the Wisconsin we’re leaving for them, one that is prouder and stronger than when we took office.

The last four years haven’t been easy, but we accomplished a lot. Vote for me one more time, this Tuesday, so we can keep the state moving forward.

End commercial.

( James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.)


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