Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Humor and analysis


It seems to me a pointless exercise that I have to write this, but given the comments for this post and this post I will.

I’m going to criticize politicians and how they run their campaigns. This applies to friend and foe. I am going to criticize politicians for the stands they take regardless of party. I am going to be honest about which campaigns I think will win and lose. I may walk into the voting booth on election day and vote for the candidate I just excoriated the day before.

As for my sense of humor, I’ll admit it’s an acquired taste.

So if I mock your candidate tomorrow, or make fun of your candidate’s political campaign, or some aspect of some pet cause you may have, well, you’ll just have to wait and see who I make fun of the next day. Because I make fun of everyone eventually, including myself.

As for the Scott Newcomer supporters that occasionally come by and see the countdown at the top of the screen, yes I’m sorry for picking on him because he’s homeless. Maybe he can borrow a house from Assembly Speaker John Gard who has two places of residence.

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