Monday, August 26th, 2019

Hutton, Vukmir want to stop local PLA requirements


State Rep Rob Hutton and state Sen Leah Vukmir have introduced a bill to end the ability of local governments to require contractors from entering into project labor agreements when working on a public project:

“We’re basically eliminating the ability for a municipality to require that a contractor enter into a project labor agreement for collective bargaining around labor and labor wages,” the Brookfield Republican said in an interview Thursday.

“We don’t want government either to prohibit or require a project labor agreement,” Hutton added.

PLAs are agreements between owners of construction firms and construction unions. Under current state law, firms bidding to work on a public construction project can be required by municipalities and school districts to enter into collective bargaining with the unions, hire workers through union hiring halls, and pay union wages and benefits. This applies to contractors whether they normally use a unionized workforce or not.

“We want to leave that up to the contractor themselves that if they deem it to their benefit to, as a part of their bid, to enter into a project labor agreement in order to accommodate the labor for that project.” Hutton said.

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