Monday, November 20th, 2017

I don’t know why I bother


Spivak & Bice are at it again. Their M.O. remains the same: report on something in a blog by making fun of the blogger rather than explore what the blogger said. This time their target is Jessica McBride and her questioning of Brian Blanchard’s selective prosecution of former Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen.

They wrote:

The prosecutor also rejected the speculation by right-winger Jessica McBride that his office spent more chasing down Jensen and his law-breaking colleagues than the lawmakers did on illegal campaigning.

Blanchard’s partisanship is essential in understanding the story; Jessica’s is not. I’m surprised they didn’t completely dismiss by calling her a “wingnut”.

They followed that bit with:

McBride, wife of Republican DA Paul Bucher, offers her own long-winded analysis of Democrat Blanchard’s remarks, complaining that her original questions went unanswered.

Good thing she wasn’t on the jury – they might still be deliberating.

  1. I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but Jessica’s husband has less to do with the story than who Spivak and Bice are sleeping with. Is it Journal Sentinel policy that whenever Lynn Sprangers or Mike Gousha is mentioned the newspaper is required to note who their spouse is?
  2. “Long-winded” as in “don’t read this” followed by their little joke on the length of Jessica’s blogpost concerning Blanchard. Easier to make fun of the length of the post than it is to actually deal with the substance contained within. Given Spivak & Bice’s concern about length, maybe they’re feeling a little inadequate.

Someday the Journal Sentinel will assign journalists to cover the local blogs. I can’t wait.

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