Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

I guess the grown-ups weren’t watching


Dear Dave Diamond,

Couldn’t agree with you more that the main agenda item for Democrats is to demonstrate that the “grown-ups” are in charge. I’m sure we’ll see marked improvement in the maturity of debate by the Democrats and their blogging supporters.

I’m especially looking forward to no longer reading things like,

Meanwhile in local news, the Milwaukee noise-o-drome and the out-state Sensible Republicans are arguing over who should run the Assembly: Mike “Next In Line” Huebsch, Dean “Bar Keeper’s Friend” Kaufert or Leah “Yes, That Is Charlie Sykes’ Hand Up My Ass” Vukmir. I’m rooting for the wingnuts because I want a Democratic Assembly in two years, although that doesn’t diminish my appreciation for RS’ argument on behalf of the Sensibles.

I’m not sure what you will do with all of your newfound spare time. Maybe you can help Judy Robson answer the “douchebag” letters.


James M. Wigderson
(aka, the Stay-Puft Waukesha Man)

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