Saturday, August 24th, 2019

I should probably send out a press release


I’m predicting Senator John McCain will be the Republican nominee for president. Senator Fred Thompson will be his running mate.

McCain will win Michigan, knocking out Romney, and possibly Florida and South Carolina. If not first, he’ll finish second in one of those states. From there its just a matter of winning big February 5th. The dominos are tumbling his way.

Update! Great minds think alike:
Real Debate sees a National Unity ticket:

I believe the reason McCain is gaining momentum is that he is viewed as a centrist but he is strong on defense. That is a powerful combination in today’s world.

Now enter the 500# gorilla in the race, Joe Lieberman. I strongly believe Senator McCain will go on to win the nomination and will enlist as his running mate Joe Lieberman.

A centrist Republican and a centrist Democrat running on the same ticket will resonate strongly with the people who wish more than anything for their government to become less dysfunctional.

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